Month: January 2018

Car has an accident because of a twerking

A driver had an accident because of a girl who is doing a twerking on a sidewalk on a road, This girl is a scandal blonde with curves and a waist with an amazing ass and because her driver already had an accident since he was watching her while she was shaking her ass, the driver is circulating in a very good way and when he was approaching a road there were two girls with whom they were friends, and the driver was looking at them when they saw that they were doing a twerk the drivers who passed by the road, and because of them hit the car in front and but the important thing is that none suffered any damage, but the worst thing is that the insurance of his car did not want to cheer the car since it was his fault and he did not cover his license,

But in the end the insurers came to a solution so that the damages of the two cars were happy, The girl does not know if any impact on the insurer because their hip movements and sexuality were the cause of this accident.